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the official website of National Library for the Disabled.
NLD was established in August 18, 2012, with the implementation of the revised Library Act. NLD is a department of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. National Library for the Disabled

NLD originated from the division called the National Library Support Center for the Disabled Persons which had existed since May 22, 2007. In this information age, providing equitable access to a wealth of knowledge and information is crucial to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities in all aspects of their lives including education, employment, social participation, and cultural activities.Like physical barriers, informational barriers must be removed so that people with disabilities can use library materials and services without disadvantage.

The goal of NLD is to remove all barriers to information access currently being faced by the 2.5 million persons with disabilities in South Korea. The objectives to achieve this goal are as follows: - to establish and implement national policies on the library services appropriate for those with disabilities; - to collect or produce library materials in accessible format; - to cooperate with domestic and international libraries or other agencies to build up a network of library services for persons with disabilities. Please visit and make the best use of the NLD's website as often as possible. I would appreciate your constructive feedback or suggestions.Thank you. National Library for the Disabled
Director General National Library for the Disabled